Meet the Pixie

Hello and thanks for checking out my site! 

I'm Laura (or Pixie, I'll answer to both), and I'm the artist and owner and mad scientist behind all this nonsese. 

I'm a stay-at-home mom, raising my daughter with my husband in the metro Washington, DC area. Born in Connecticut, raised in Tampa, FL and transplanted to DC, we've been in this area since 2013. While I always loved to draw, paint and do anything creative, I never thought I could make it into a part-time job until we moved up north. 

I love to paint cartoon characters... on shoes, on purses.. heck, I used to be a face-painter before Pixie's Tiny Things was born, so I painted on people too! My daughter sometimes helps me with design ideas and my husband just tolerates the mess that I leave all over the house with paint, packaging and the trail of glitter that I sometimes leave behind. 

I hope you enjoy the products that are ready to ship and if you have any custom designs you'd like to get created, please email me! I love to put together ideas to form a one of a kind creation! 

Thanks for visiting!