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2020 Bad Review Stickers


  • Image of 2020 Bad Review Stickers

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that the year 2020 sucks, right?
Silly bad reviews from your favorite websites trashing the plot twists of 2020.

Stickers will be mailed via USPS first class letter mail

Image of Pumpkin Mickey stickers
Pumpkin Mickey stickers
Image of Sanderson Sisters Prints & Stickers
Sanderson Sisters Prints & Stickers
Image of The Child Stickers, Patches and Magnets
The Child Stickers, Patches and Magnets
Image of Characters in Teacups- Stickers
Characters in Teacups- Stickers
Image of Misc Stickers and Magnets
Misc Stickers and Magnets
Image of Passholder Magnets and Stickers
Passholder Magnets and Stickers
Image of Princess Stitch Stickers
Princess Stitch Stickers
Image of Bad Bunny inspired Products
Bad Bunny inspired Products
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