The Child Stickers, Patches and Magnets

$4.00 - $7.00

The Child is here to make your day the most adorable in the galaxy!
Two different designs to choose from:
Froggie-O’s- The Child playing with his Mando action figure and enjoying his favorite afternoon snack!
The Force- The Child in his floating cradle and doing the Magic Hand Thing!

Velcro back embroidered patches are 4.75”x2.5” with hooks on the back of the image piece of Velcro for easy removable and replacement.

The Hungover Mando and Froggie’O’s flat magnets are both 3” long at the largest side.

Stickers are 3” long and made of tear and water resistant vinyl.

Hard and soft enamel fantasy pins and necklaces are available on another listing! Go find them now!

These are fan art designs, independently drawn by me and not official merchandise.