Misc Stickers and Magnets

$2.50 - $8.00

🎭 4” Hamilton Cast reimagined sticker with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto
🧹 3” Wicked reimagined with Minnie and Daisy
🌈 3” holographic rainbow sticker with Mickey hands
🌈 2” matte sticker with Mickey hands holding a beautiful sparkling rainbow.
🐰 3” Bad Bunny inspired sticker with “Pasame la Hookah” from La Romana song off x100pre album
🦡Lester’s Possum Park Polaroid Souvenir - 4x3.2” (The actual size of a Polaroid photo!) magnet and sticker available of your favorite Goofs at the Possum Posse’s Jamboree!
3” Disney World magic Band Scanner holographic sticker

All stickers are weatherproof and tear-resistant.
USPS first class letter mail shipping!

These are fan art designs, independently drawn by me and not official merchandise.